Video: Murdoch Attacked! Deng Fights Back! (Updated, With Slow-Motion Replay)

Rupert Murdoch was just attacked during the big News Corp hacking hearing in the British Parliament. Via Business Insider, this is objectively insane and awesome:

Update: Via Jezebel’s Whitney Jefferson, the Gif you’ve all been waiting for:

deng girl Video: Murdoch Attacked! Deng Fights Back! (Updated, With Slow Motion Replay)


The Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal has it in slow-motion:

Amateur analysis, but that appears to be a “right hook” to “the grill.”


  • This may be the work of one “Johnny Marbles.”
  • Guy who says “This is an outrage!” at conclusion of attack. How delightfully British!
  • The Murdoch-owned Fox News is showing this clip on repeat like it’s the David Tyree helmet-catch, except instead of David Tyree it’s Wendi Deng and instead of a football it’s her fist catching some young scamp’s face.
  • Ten minute break: an agonizing amount of time, given that tea requires a solid fifteen minutes to really enjoy.

Update: Here’s the report from a guy who was in the galley as it happened. Anything that begins “I write this with shaving foam still spattered on my face and shirt” is unquestionably worth a read. | @weareyourfek

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