Why Joe Biden Picked the Wrong Twitter Handle

joe biden1 Why Joe Biden Picked the Wrong Twitter Handle

Hey, at least I'm on the dang thing, okay?

In advance of President Obama’s Twitter town hall tomorrow, Vice President Joe Biden has gotten with the reelection campaign’s tech agenda and joined Twitter, but he may end up regretting his handle, @VP. While we appreciate the simplicity—and wonder if some lucky squatter got a hefty payoff for sitting on that user name–it seems a little short-sighted.

Sure you could consider it a vote of confidence for Obama-Biden’s prospects in 2012, buying @VP a shelf life of another four years. But if they lose, it will live online as a cruel reminder of what could have been. Besides, look at what happened with @PressSec: Robert Gibbs had to turn it over to Jay Carney when he left office. With rumors swirling, albeit via Fox News, that Andrew Cuomo will replace Mr. Biden on the bottom half of the ticket, that could be an awkward Twitter transition. On the other hand, #1AmtrackFan4Lyfe still appears to be up for grabs.