World’s First 3D User-Generated Concert With Jane’s Addiction Worst Idea Ever

janes addiction lg thrill World’s First 3D User Generated Concert With Janes Addiction Worst Idea Ever

Somebody keeps sending us this pitch about the “World’s First 3D User-Generated Concert” which epitomizes the worst of the marketing industry’s ill-conceived attempts at viral marketing. People using Color at the last LCD Soundsystem show ever was cool. Arcade Fire’s HTML 5 music video was interesting. But LG has a new phone that shoots glasses-free 3D video and they’re dragging canonical, past-prime alternative rock band Jane’s Addiction into the least rock-and-roll thing ever: A concert full of people holding their phones steady.

“Adding a whole new dimension to the concert experience, attendees will use hundreds of LG Thrill 4G devices to shoot their own 3D video of the concert. The 3D creations will then be collected and combined by LG into one 60-minute documentary–culminating in what will soon be known as the World’s First 3D User-Generated Concert,” the pitch says. The show is at Terminal 5 on Monday.