Yo Zuck! Tumblr Got Designer an Interview at Facebook, But No Job Offer. Still, He Made Out Pretty Well

Mr. Sarhan.

Irish web designer Youssef Sarhan started a Tumblr called Yo Zuck! Implement This at yozuck.tumblr.com, a collection of his ideas for features and improvements for Facebook. A few days later, he got a call from Facebook for an interview. “It went pretty well, actually,” Mr. Sarhan said, but a week later Facebook turned him down. The Irish designer was understandably disappointed.

But he couldn’t stay bummed for long. The publicity around his Tumblr led to other offers. “Being featured on Techcrunch, CNET and a host of other sites pushed the message further than I had ever anticipated. It seemed every time I checked my mail I had a new message from some new start-up or CEO looking to improve the interface and experience of their product. It was a little overwhelming,” he wrote.

He’s now headed to Helsinki, Finland, after accepting an offer from Blaast, a platform for mobile apps in the cloud. “I’m incredibly excited by what they are doing,” Mr. Sarhan writes. “Some of the (design) challenges Blaast face are staggering and will be instrumental in defining the future of mobile computing for millions if not billions of people. But more on that soon.”

An interview with Facebook, a job offer and internet fame? Now, if only Zuck would implement replies to comments.