A Cinderella Story in Sagaponack

This Sagaponack estate has all the essentials for any country home—a wraparound porch, a sunroom, a library and “story book gardens.” Sounds like a place fit for Cinderella (after her prince rescued her from her evil stepmother, of course!).  And we’re sure Belle would enjoy the stocked library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. And there’s even a spacious second-floor balcony overlooking the backyard and deck. Talk about a fairy tale Hamptons home! Now if we could only find a fairy godmother to help us pay for it…

The house has five bedrooms and is 4,000 square feet. It’s also near the ocean and has an outdoor shower so you can hose off before transferring from the ocean to the pool. It’s asking $5.95 million.

Photos: Sotheby’s.