After Weprin Questions State Senate Vote on Marriage, Savino Tears Up Donation Check to His Campaign [Updated]

State Senator Diane Savino is furious with fellow Democrat David Weprin after he agreed with an interviewer who said there should be some type of inquiry into whether the  State Senate violated its rules when it voted to legalize same-sex marriage.

“I was this close to writing  a check to him and I tore it up,” Savino told me. “He knows damn well” rules were followed, she said. “He should just defend his vote.” Weprin, as a member of the Assembly, voted for the bill.

“I am calling on him to rethink” his comments, she said, referring to Weprin’s interview with the conservative Orthodox Jewish news outlet, Voz is Neias

“Him questioning it is a way to pander to people he thinks will be angry with him…Don’t be questioning the legality of our vote.”

Weprin is running for the congressional seat vacated by Anthony Weiner in the 9th congressional district covering parts of Brooklyn and Queens where there is a sizable Jewish population, some of whom oppose same-sex marriage.

“I find this offensive” Savino told me. “Once people think you’re not being honest about your position, then they question all of your positions.”

Update: A spokesman for Weprin’s campaign disputes Savino’s characterization of the candidate’s position. “David Weprin voted for marriage equality and stands by that vote. He has never indicated otherwise.”


  1. Christinegrendsi says:

    what i find offensive is democrat siding with republicans because her boyfriend told her too

  2. Anonymous says:

    How many different faces David Weprin has?

    I wonder how many different direct mail pieces he will send out on this issue ?

    Before there was the “Oracle at Delphi” there was Count Vampire J. Machiavelli

    VJ Machiavelli

    The Legislative Budget is Too Damn High

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  4. Thomas says:

    I heard Weprin on the the Brian Lehrer show a few days ago.  I had never heard such a smarmy, evasive performance.  He couldn’t answer any questions about the demographics of the district.  He was confronted by a constituent who called in and asked why his office had ignored multiple requests for assistance with a local nuisance issue and basically Weprin blew the constituent off. 

    He was asked about the scandal that erupted when he served in the City Council regarding grants to non-existent community organizations and he ignored the question entirely.  He refused to say whether he would  vote to repeal DOMA or whether he thought it was constitutional.  When asked about his marriage vote in the Assembly, he curtly acknowledged his vote and then spent 2 minutes explaining how churches don’t have to participate in gay weddings.  This point is true, of course, but the over-emphasis on the exemption shows that he is trying to curry favor with GOP voters. 

    How did this pathetic double-talker get the Dem nomination for an important House seat?  

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