Aldon James May Soon Vacate National Arts Club

101575035 Aldon James May Soon Vacate National Arts Club

Aldon James.

Aldon James, former president of the National Arts Club may soon depart his cut-rate apartment at the club’s tony Gramercy Park building, DNAinfo reports.

Mr. James was removed from office following accusations that he used institution as a personal checkbook, taking luxuries that included cheap apartment in the building for his own use, as well additional rooms for his twin brother John James and their friend Steven Leitner.

Though they’ve been gradually seen at the club less and less, the three may be out for good very soon, according to DNA info.

The club had filed charges in July to begin the process to evict the threesome, according to sources. The three are expected to have a hearing at the end of August in front of a committee chosen by the board, which will then make the final decision about a week later.

Head over to DNAinfo to see their very worthy slideshow of how the trio used their rooms.


  1. An Objective NAC Insider says:

    This whole thing is more sad than anything else. It has been blown wayyyy out of proportion by a few people with personal issues against Aldon James. In reality, (a) the guy single-handedly revitalized the club and over 20 years has turned it into a legitimate, serious player in the cultural world, while not taking a salary (he has independent money) and doing nothing at all immoral or unethical; however, (b) Aldon James is clearly eccentric to a point where it pushes against the line of dysfunctionality, and is incredibly naive and trusting, so that he has been taken advantage of by quite a few people (including Steven Leitner) for many years.

    For those observers who are not members of the National Arts Club and are reading all this from afar, the fact is that the club is split about 25/25/50 on the subject: fully a quarter of the membership completely adore James, and would walk across hot coals for him in appreciation for everything he has done for the Club; an almost (but not quite) equal number have long knives out for him because they felt excluded from his ‘inner circle’ and are attacking out of personal pique. The remaining members, probably making up a majority of the club, are appreciative for what he has done over decades for the club and are well aware that he never stole from or did anything to hurt the institution, but at the same time are concerned over his fragile mental health, and believe that it is probably time for an orderly passing of the torch.

    In a fair and rational world, Aldon would have been quietly moved aside with dignity and a nominal title like Chairman, and allowed to remain in residence and contribute to the future of the National Arts Club, Steven Leitner (and possibly John James) would have been quietly pressured to move out of the building while remaining members, and a gradual changing of the guard would have taken place, instituting much of the cleanup (physical and organizational) that was clearly long overdue.

    But no way at all should this mess have evolved to take up the time of the DA and AG’s office. There really is NO malfeasance here, and all the scurrilous attack pieces being fed to DNAinfo (and from there to mainstream outlets like the Observer, Daily News and WSJ) are coming from a couple of disgruntled personal enemies of Aldon James. Which is a shame, because what he should be receiving is a big thank you and some caring treatment…rather than lawsuits and eviction notices.