Andre Balazs Possibly Taking the Reins at Cooper Square Hotel

The hotelier in his summer white.

Andre Balazs, you’ve had a busy summer! Constant flights out to the Hamptons on your StndAIR seaplane, nights out with new girlfriend Chelsea Handler. So much to do! Could it be possible that you had the time to add another hotel to the already crowded portfolio?

Apparently he did. The man on top of The Standard is rumored to be taking control of the Cooper Square Hotel, Hotel Chatter reported last night. Reps for the fan-shaped Astor Place monolith declined to comment, but the tipster says staffers are already in the know.

If, as the report says, the deal is actually done, the takeover could happen as soon as September first.

The Observer tried calling Mr. Balazs’ marketing manager, but it appears she, along with her coworkers — and, let’s be honest, the entire city — are out off the office. Oh, August. Let’s hope they’re all on the StndAir jet to Southampton