Apple: ‘We’re Simplifying the Fifth Ave. Cube’

Can we expect glass Macbooks next? In a moment that reminds us of this Onion News Network segment–“Apple Introduces Revolutionary Laptop With No Keyboard“–as well as Apple’s recently-discovered patent for the keyless keyboard, the design blog Core77 has learned some specifics about the plans that have Apple’s iconic Central Park store under construction:

Looks like large, curved glass isn’t all they’ve learned to do: We’ve just discovered Apple will be updating their iconic Cube structure at their midtown Manhattan retail location, replacing the current cube of 90 panes with just 15 massive, and I mean massive, pieces of glass (rendering at bottom). The slabs will be roughly 10 feet wide by a whopping 32 feet high, and held together using some sort of secret, proprietary connector that will reportedly be embedded within the glass itself, rather than being comprised of mere external clips.

When Apple blogs discovered the company’s construction permit which noted that the refurbishing of the cube, speculations ran wild: “Five panes of glass (one each side and top) would be EPIC and totally in line with Apple’s unibody style,” one commenter said at the time. “Steve is behind this,” another speculator chimed in. “He’s a true minimalist. Clearly they’re going to reduce the number of glass panes. Maybe not down to 5 but we can only hope.“ (Emphasis Betabeat’s.) Sorry, guys. Maybe in 2020.