Bikers Brag About Prospect Park West Bike Lane Win

ppw bike lane Bikers Brag About Prospect Park West Bike Lane Win

All clear. (Photo via Flickr)

If it’s true that the city’s cyclists are a bunch of self-important nudniks who think they rule the roads, it did not take long for them to start taking victory laps around the pelaton after the city prevailed yesterday in the Prospect Park West bike lane lawsuit.

StreetsBlog founder, Park Slope Neighbors co-founder, bike lane local, Weinshall-Schumer-bird-flipper, Morgan Freeman fan Aaron Naparstek:

This is a resounding and definitive victory for the neighborhood, for the Department of Transportation and for advocates of safer more livable streets. We are pleased that Justice Bunyan specifically reaffirmed the legitimacy of the lengthy community-driven process that led to the redesign of Prospect Park West (pages 7 through 14 of his ruling).

We encourage the individuals who filed this law suit to join with Park Slope Neighbors and organizations like the Park Slope Civic Council, the Grand Army Plaza Coalition and Community Board 6 in the ongoing work of making Brooklyn’s streets safer and more accessible for everyone.

Transportation Alternatives executive director Paul Steely White:

This decision is not just a victory for Park Slope, it’s a victory for all New Yorkers’ safety. This project is a great example of how neighborhoods can get relief from dangerous traffic: the community asked the DOT to fix a dangerous street, the DOT’s proposal went through an inte community process and, by all measures, it is extremely popular and has made Prospect Park West safer for everyone of all ages. The demise of this farcical PR stunt confirms what the vast majority of New Yorkers already know: bike lanes are good for New York. Let this victory mark the end of the misguided war on safe streets.

The response on Twitter has been robust.

Brooklyn Spoke: I am on #PPW bike lane right now with #bikenyc radicals. It’s like Tahrir Square up here. Come sue us!

Times magazine editor Adam Sternbergh: “I am trying to decide which Judge I’d most like to imagine dismissing the PPW bikelane lawsuit: Wapner, Judy, Reinhold or Dredd.” As for the potential for an appeal: At a certain point you have to look in the mirror and ask ‘What am I doing with my life?'”

Brownstoner: Bam!

Gothamist editor John Del Signore goes for a highbrow lowbrow reference: “And the Eye of Sauron falls into the fires of Mordor!”

Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson announced he’s taking a celebratory ride to work. (Watch him ride here!)

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  1. Bragging Rights says:

    Yeah, it’s really bragging on Naparstek’s part to say how pleased he is with a favorable result.  And that braggart Paul Steely White going on and on about the actual history of the bike lane and how it was requested by the community!

    You know who the self-important nudniks are?  Weinshall, Schumer, Louise Hainline, Norman Steisel, Jim Walden, Marty Markowitz, and a bunch of people who thought that they could leapfrog a long community process and get rid of a lifesaving bike lane all because it spoiled their view. 

    Get your head out of your ass.  All these Tweeters were doing was having a much needed bit of fun after watching a relentless and savage media campaign against bikes, safe streets, and common sense in NYC.  Sternbergh and these other guys weren’t the ones wondering if a terrorist on a bike could blow up the Israeli embassy. 

  2. Major Taylor says:

    Naparstek is a self-righteous ass who happened to be correct this time: let him crow.

    THEN, however, let him eat crow about all the jerkoff cyclists riding the wrong way down one way streets, running “Superstars” like obstacle course to ride the north side of Manhattan Bridge etc ad infinitum.

    Hint to Aaron: it was SAFER for NYC cyclists before you showed up whining about everything and hopefully it will become safer again once you leave.

    Transportation Alternatives are sniveling politicos too, of ZERO use to rank and file city cyclists.