Bloomberg’s Hurricane-Deterrent Program: Dave Matthews’ Milquetoast Melodies

dave matthews 300x300 Bloombergs Hurricane Deterrent Program: Dave Matthews Milquetoast Melodies

Dave isn't feeling the pressure. OK, only thiiiis much.

Straight from the Mayor’s mouth: the Dave Matthews Band will have their show tonight on Governor’s Island, although the planned festivities for Saturday and Sunday have been cancelled.

As the MTA plans for the worst and bridges potentially being closed, we wonder why the Mayor would permit the concert, which will surely bring out-of-towners into a city that is currently being evacuated, to go on as planned.

There is only one logical explanation: Mayor Bloomberg clearly hopes that DMBs anemic melodies will irritate Irene so much that she changes course, avoiding New York and averting disaster. It seems that the Mayor’s is banking on Dave’s throaty singing and lulling guitar strumming to save the entire city! Can one man summon the force required to fluster an entire weather system? Certainly not. That’s what the band’s other 56 members are for.


  1. Mhill2040 says:

    Its pretty obvious the person that wrote this has really bad taste in music.

  2. Dmgabrielnj says:

    No one cares about your personal opinion & lack of appreciation for DMB’s music. They have enjoyed 20 years of steady success & fanbase. Just because Dave’s voice or musicdoes not appeal Ro you, does not mean everyone shares your disrespectful & crass opinion. I’m quite certain many of your readers would not share your taste in music, & one would only hope they are not nearly as obnoxious in expressing their disagreement in your taste.

    You are not a very good ‘writer’ if all you have is insult & rotten, mean-spirited opinion. Especially during this economy… One would think we would all appreciate the tourist $’s brought by this & similar events. DMB fans flew UN from all over for this event, as they typically do.

    Be a better writer & express yourself more productively (remove head from sphincter!).

    1. Dmgabrielnj says:

      Sorry for the touchscreen misspells — you get the gist.

  3. Chris Jagnow says:

    Say hello to Celine Dion for me, will you Elise?

  4. Greg Herrmann says:

    I got a better idea, have the Mets as your baseball team. They’ll attract hurricanes like they attract wins.