Columbia Dean’s Resignation Explained

Michele Moody-Adams, former Dean of Columbia College, sent a letter of resignation last weekend giving a year’s notice–notice that University President Lee Bollinger found unnecessary, ending her tenure immediately. (Ms. Moody-Adams remains at Columbia as a professor.)

An article in the Columbia Spectator indicates that Ms. Moody-Adams, who became dean of Columbia University’s undergraduate school in 2009 and whose biography remains unedited on Columbia’s website, chose to leave over a “Policy and Planning Committee” that had sprung up and supplanted the pre-existing executive committee that led Columbia College. This PPC chose McKinsey to review and streamline college finances and practices. Per the Spectator‘s sources, one potential change was to allow for redirection of the College’s funds to benefit the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

An interim dean is to be chosen by the beginning of the academic year. :: @DPD_