Corporations Cut Back on Campus Recruiting, Start-Ups Smirk

When founders and VCs talk about the problem with conscripting college grads into the start-up lifestyle, they often talk about the inability to compete with the campus machine that is recruiting done the  Goldman or Google, or even IBM way. So it’s no surprise that they might react to the news that hiring slowdowns and market woes have caused corporate recruiters to scale back with glass-half-full sense of glee. In a story today, the Wall Street Journal reports that tech giants like Google, Oracle, and Cisco are slashing their on-campus efforts at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley. But the downward trend is national in scope. A survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, shows an 11 percent drop in on campus interviews since  2007. Morgan Missen, head of talent for Foursquare in San Francisco–the rockstar recruiter Dens and Naveen stole from Twitter–tweeted out the article, adding only: “More for me.”