Current TV Appoints David Bohrman As President

David Bohrman (Getty Images)

David Bohrman (Getty Images)

David Bohrman, former senior vice president of programming and D.C. bureau chief for CNN, has been appointed President of Current TV, the news network centered around Keith Olbermann’s revivified Countdown. “Those of us inside the media business have a responsibility to anticipate what viewers want and need, and we must constantly reinvent the medium,” said Mr. Bohrman in a press release; that reinvention may include Current’s transformation over time from a YouTube-style aggregator of user-created content to a network whose lynchpin is an MSNBC veteran. Now the president is an MSNBC veteran, too–Mr. Bohrman was on that network’s launch team. :: @DPD_


  1. nick price says:

    good day for David Bohrman