David Byrne’s Idea of Art? Screenshots of Fake Apps from the App Store

via BoingBoing

In a sign of technology’s growing pervasiveness in the cultural ether, Boing Boing pointed us to an upcoming show at the Pace Gallery on West 25th Street will feature art from David Bryne that’s inspired, almost entirely by the looks of it, by Apple’s App Store. The exhibit called “Social Media” (naturally) says will it will focus:

“Contemporary artists exploring public platforms for communication and social networks through an aesthetic and conceptual lens. In an era of increasingly omnipresent new technologies, Social Media examines the impact of these systems as they transform human expression, interaction, and perception.”

Wow, that was almost as obtuse as business jargon. Just throw in a few strats and pivots and this could be a company bio.

So what would the App Store look like if Mr. Byrne was a developer? Along with Invisible Me (to the left), there’s Weaselface, an app that “lends snark and satire to any written text–including the Bible!” There’s also  Childster, which sounds like something Pedo-Bear would be into, but is actually “turns your phone into a babysitter,” which features “a new setting for monitoring aging parents.”

We’d definitely plunk 99 cents for that Weaselface widget.