Democrats Party with Rangel, Aretha Franklin Gives Wal-Mart a Shout Out

One year after a House Ethics investigation tainted Rep. Charlie Rangel’s 80th birthday party fundraiser, the Harlem veteran threw himself another party on Wednesday night, and many of New York’s major Democratic figures were there.

Governor Andrew Cuomo made an early appearance but left before the night’s emcee — his predecessor, David Paterson — began introducing the night’s speakers. Cuomo and Paterson did run into one another. (“Hey, young man!” Cuomo said as he embraced Paterson. The two spoke privately as several aides surrounded the two men.)

“I read a piece that said [Rangel’s] running again. That’ll be his decision,” Cuomo told the Observer in a brief interview. “If he runs, he’ll be a formidable candidate. You can feel the support in the room. And we’ll take it from there.” Read More


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