Diaz to Gillibrand: Now You Are Against Tax Hikes On The Rich?

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand sure is receiving flack from unlikely quarters for her vote yesterday against raising the federal debt ceiling on the grounds that it wasn’t a “balanced” approach. First, State G.O.P. Chairman Ed Cox remarked on Gillibrand’s “political transformation.” “In just over 2 years in the United States Senate, she has gone Read More


  1. Halifax says:

    What a dopey comment.  She explained her vote in the precise opposite context–against an unbalanced bill based on biased philosophy that pins the responsibility for excess solely on low and medium income wage earners, effectively absolving the well heeled and overly comfortable of any financial or moral responsibility for where we are.  Diaz and Cox know this full well.  Their hypocrisy and cynicism, not to mention disrespect for the intelligence of the voter are hallmarks of the Republican Party.

  2. buckbuck11 says:

    Diáz is so blinded with rage over the issue of marriage equality that he’s not making sense about anything anymore.  Gillebrand is our Senator.  She has nothing to do with state tax policy and she has enough federal issues on her plate to fight for in the gridlocked Congress.  Gillebrand opposed the deal precisely because it didn’t include any revenue solutions.  Any chance that Diáz will get a primary challenge?

  3. Sbiens says:

    Shouldn’t that headline be “Now you are FOR tax hikes for the rich?”LOL  Lame.