Dude Behind ‘Animals Being Dicks’ Tumblr Has a Puppy That Is a Total Dick

1311795484 arts qanda2 1 14 520x388 Dude Behind Animals Being Dicks Tumblr Has a Puppy That Is a Total DickOh, man, now we know why web developer  John Williams felt compelled to start a Tumblr called Animals Being Dicks, an moving display of gifs that showcase animals indulging in their worst behavior. Mr. Williams’ Tumblr has received 50 million page views from 3 million visitors since launching on June 9th. In an interview today on The Next Web, Courtney Boyd Meyers asks the tough question:

CBM: Tell me about your current puppies Milo and Lulu? What’s the most dick thing they’ve ever done?

JW: Milo is super chill. He’s a terrier dachshund mix. He doesn’t do anything bad, but he also doesn’t do anything remarkable either. I have a lot of contempt for Lulu. She was a stray we took in. She barks constantly. I’m convinced she is insane with syphilis or something. She also shits when she’s mad. Like if we kick her off the bed because it’s sexy time, she’ll dump one and totally ruin the mood. She also snatched a donut out of my kids hand. She doesn’t even like donuts.

What a bitch.