Every Week, Kickstarter Gets Cover Letters That Start With ‘Dear Tumblr’

ystrickler Every Week, Kickstarter Gets Cover Letters That Start With Dear Tumblr


Want to work at a hot New York startup? Of course you do! But you’ll do yourself a favor if in the course of emailing dozens of resumes to companies like Foursquare, GroupMe and Etsy, you think to double-check the greeting. “Every week Kickstarter gets resumes that begin, ‘Dear Tumblr’ or ‘Dear Foursquare,'” Kickstarter’s Yancey Strickler writes today in a blog post about how to not get a job at Kickstarter. “We know you’re applying for other jobs. You don’t have to rub our face in it.”

Kickstarter is hiring for design and customer service positions, where attention to detail seems like it could be sort of important. Mr. Strickler is also very turned off by typos as well as materials attached as .PDFs, failure to include links and addressing the cover letter to the CEO. Our favorite: don’t have a resume longer than a page, Mr. Strickler says, as it “protests too much.”

Kickstarter is going gangbusters and it’s just as indie as Tumblr. What gives, applicants? Or is David Karp getting an equal number of emails that open “Dearest Yancey”?