Fighting Fire With Fire at the SkillSlate Pivot Party

The stench of burning gasoline hung in the air at the first-ever Pivot Party inside party promoter Todd P’s Old Firehouse on Lafeyette. It was 10 o’clock on a Tuesday night, and the engine room had been converted—or pivoted—into a event space. A lone couple danced on the floor to a Jackson 5 song. One half of the duo was Bartek Ringwelski, founder of SkillSlate, who wore a white T-shirt emblazoned with his company logo and was throwing this party.

SkillSlate, which raised $1.1 million in seed funding back in October 2010, had burned through more than half its capital before deciding its original idea—to be a user-generated review system, like Yelp, but for freelancers—wasn’t going to work. “It was a really tough discussion to have with our backers, but we just knew it was time to pivot,” said Mr. Ringwelski. Read More


  1. It’s a good pivot but I have one comment though, it isn’t global, just US. How difficult would it be to open up the service to the rest of the world, compared to the potential user base increase?

    I recently tried it out, but it didn’t like my UK post code, and there is no indication on the website that it is only for the US.

    Maybe something they should think about.