First They Came for the Penises: Dershowitz Fears BroBos’ Circumcision Boycott

dersh First They Came for the Penises: Dershowitz Fears BroBos Circumcision BoycottIn this week’s issue, The Observer talked to Alan Dershowitz, Harvard law professor and maybe the staunchest defender of Israel on the planet, about a proposal for a boycott of Israeli goods at the Park Slope Food Co-op. In his typically brazen style, Mr. Dershowitz compared pro-boycott co-op members to bear-baiting-hating Puritans and vowed to shut the BroBo institution down if a boycott went through. “You have to fight fire with fire,” he said. Soy veyzmeir, but these were some of his tamer declarations.

To begin with, there is hypocrisy in the ranks of the co-op.

Any group that considers itself committed to human rights should be going after Syria, Zimbabwe, Iran, Cuba. It shows a perverse bigotry that more closely resembles apartheid than anything Israel has ever committed. So the people who are behind this boycott ought to understand they are on the wrong side of morality, the wrong side of history, and they’re on the wrong side of economics, because I assure them they will be out of business if they pull off this boycott.

They hate Israel. It’s not that they love Palestinians. You never see them advocating on the part of Kurds, you never see them campaigning on behalf of Armenians, on behalf of Chechnians. They don’t care about people who are oppressed, they only care about the alleged oppressors.

Should a boycott come to pass, who knows what disasters could beset the humble borough.

The next thing they’ll be doing is calling for an end to circumcision. And the first thing you have to do is have all these guys who are circumcized demand it back, go to the hospital, and have it sewn back on. That’ll make them complete pricks, instead of the pricks that they are, O.K.?

What pains Mr. Dershowitz as much as anything is, being a native son, this is happening in his own hometown, and he will not stand for it.

I have a particular interest in Brooklyn, because that’s where I’m from, and I will be there to make sure that the people who start this will pay a heavy price. We can’t allow good and decent people to think this is the right thing. This is the wrong thing.

And let’s be clear. It’s not happening in Brooklyn. It’s happening in what’s the neighborhood again? [The Observer: Park Slope] It’s happening in Park Slope, and Park Slope is not Brooklyn. That’s like San Francisco.

And The Observer thought Portland was bad.


  1. Ron Low says:

    A dopey pun is not a valid case in defense of forced genital mutilation.  I’d love to read any cogent thoughts this great thinker has on foreskin amputation for non-consenting victims. 

  2. xexon says:

    “the people who start this will pay a heavy price”

    Oh really? What are you going to do about it? Send in the zionist bulldozers?

    People have a RIGHT express themselves on this issue. It’s not your business to issue threats against them, Derby baby.

    Get bent, you over educated git.


    1. Zema Esenstein says:

      What if the Arab land was all Jewish and Israel was the lone tiny Arab country in the middle east?  You think the brainwashed whiners of zion would complain about Israel then?  Ha, they are just tools of fools.

    2. Pad Dar says:

      Send in the zionist bulldozers?Brainwashed, poor, little moron.

      Let these people not get circumcized, g’head.  I will sit back lol while their pricks fall off from uncleanliness.

      1. Ron Low says:

        ^^ lol while their pricks fall off from uncleanliness. ^^

        Most of the world’s men are intact.  NOT ONE national medical association on earth endorses routine circumcision.  The most recently updated national policy (Holland’s) says doctors must insistantly talk families out of circumcising due to “absence of medical benefits and danger of complications.”

  3. chuck says:

    Dershoschitz is an evil little man.

    1. Drbill says:

      Hey, c’mon, someone who was a member of OJs defense team can’t be ALL bad can they?:-)  But on a more serious note, this Zionist shill has been hounding Prof. Norman Finkelstein (The Holocaust Industry) from one lost professorship to another for years.  Norman got back at him in a way with his most recent book, Beyond Chutzpah; but the Dersh is still hounding him like something out of Les Miserables (the book not the broadway show)

      1. Pad Dar says:

        DrBill, and hyou are a sweet, little, angel pussycat…
        ARE YOU circumcised?
        If you are, they missed your heart and brains.

    2. Pad Dar says:

      Chuck, you are projecting your own evil.

  4. Mr Dershowitz is using a  favorite trick of people who attack advocates and activists – accusing them of ignoring other injustices to focus on one.  But there is nothing wrong with focusing on a single issue, that’s exactly what most  advocacy groups do.  

    Mr Dershowitz is quoted as saying “Any group that considers itself committed to human rights should be going after Syria, Zimbabwe, Iran, Cuba”.

    But  since the US already has an embargo on trade from Syria, Iran, and Cuba, and have strict limitations on imports from  Zimbabwe (which exports few food products but some sugars, anyway) such boycotts  would be pointless.  

    And far from ignoring other problems and focusing exclusively on a single issue,  Whole Foods  is partner in The Whole Planet Foundation, individual stores donate unused food to food banks and shelters, and sponsor community giving days when a percentage of the day’s net sales are donated to local nonprofit or educational organizations.  I think it’s nonsense that Whole Foods should have to get involved in every outreach on earth to justify their advocacy for Palestinians to propagandists like Mr Dershowitz.  

    Mr Dershowitz also repeats what has become a popular canard, that any activism against Israel’s political policies has to be motivated by antisemitism.  Ask him to prove it.  He can’t.  It’s just one more ridiculous accusation that he’s throwing  at the wall, hoping it will stick.  

    Circumcision is simply unnecessary genital mutilation, often done in the name of religion.  There are no hygiene or medical issues to necessitate it….we teach little boys to wash behind their ears, we don’t cut their ears off.   If a doctor or a mohel  “trimmed”  little girls labias in this country,  using the same bogus rationales they use to condone male circumcision, they’d be arrested and sent to prison, with good reason.

    1. Drbill says:

      That tired old canard about “self-hating Jew” is so stale, that I don’t think it even registers anymore.  It may have worked after 1967 when a very few Jews protested against Israeli aggression against Egypt, Syria, and Jordan, who contrary to popular myth were NOT going to attack Israel at the time.  – read some of the more compellling history – Ilan Pappe’s The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine is a good place to start.  
      As for circumcision (male), it is a very very ancient practice and is no doubt lost in the midsts of prehistory.  I have my own theories on this having to do with tribal identification during battles.  Of course the Tenach is very clear on it, with YHVH commanding Abraham to circumcise Isaac and Ishmael.  Of course it never occurs to Abraham to ask “How come his penis?”  He just says “Oh, Ok”   The “father” of Judaism (and Islam) did the same thing in the story of the sacrifice of Isaac. 
      But that is why to this day, Jews circumcise their male babies at eight days old, and Muslims at either 12 or 13, I’m not quite sure on the exact age; but it is consistent with the ages of Isaac and Ishmael in the Bible.
       In the 19th century, Dr. Kellog of the cereal fame (who had some very warped views on sex) pushed heavily for circumcision of all males so as to prevent them from the urge to masturbate.  Well that worked out well, didn’t it?  Statistic – 100% of males masturbate.  No doubt it is a natural process built into our heredity so as to insure fresh young sperm from fertilizing the ovum.  If it wouldn’t be then our hands wouldn’t reach.  Or to use the analogy – “Why does a dog lick his balls?”
         I personally think it is a barbaric practice that Judaism should have done away with a long time ago.  Obviously I won’t speak for Muslims.

    2. Pad Dar says:

      You would know these tricks, lady, you often turn them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    RE: “And the first thing you have to do is have all these guys who are circumcized demand it back, go to the hospital, and have it sewn back on. That’ll make them complete pricks, instead of the pricks that they are, O.K.?” ~ Alan Morton Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Harvard Law School

    MY SNARK: Actually Professor Dershowitz, I was considering hiring you to sue my parents for having subjected me to circumcision and thereby causing me to suffer a lifetime of debilitating PTSD. That way I can take everything my parents have, and leave absolutely nothing for my snotty, manipulative sisters (notwithstanding my parents’ wills).
    What do you think? Am I a legal genus or what?

  6. Pad Dar says:

    Mr Dershowitz, I cant stand your political point of view..
    Leftism has murdered more Jews that any other movement.
    Nazi-National *SOCIALIST*=LEFT WING.
    Communism and Stalin, (Stalins purges).

    However, its a good thing you are coming to the aid of the Jewish people this way.

    You really should name your next piece ‘Dickless in San Francisco’, because this is precisely what happens to a 3rd world nation of uncircumcized heathen, pagans, and that IS what America is becoming.

    The leftists hate the Jews Mr Dershowitz, LEAVE THEM, the Democrats **HATE** The Jews and Israel.
    Most of these drek commenting here are a bunch of Left-wing Nazis that hate Israels and the Jewish ppl in general.

    I ***RARELY*** meet a Conservative Christian Republican, etc that hate the Jewish people as a whole.

    If you dont believe me, look how Prez Hussein Obama has taken “Jerusalem” Israel off the White House website.

    Please wake up. David Horowitz is a friend, ask for his help and LEAVE this horrible movement of Jew & Christian hared.

    Also, read the book “Why Jews should NOT Be Liberals”