Google ‘Committed’ to New York Tech Community, Throws Some Cash at the Mothership of Meetups

2 Google Committed to New York Tech Community, Throws Some Cash at the Mothership of Meetups

Google is the first “Annual Sustaining Sponsor” for NY Tech Meetup, joining Wilson Sonsini and DFJ Gotham. “The NY Tech Meetup is a blast: a stage for entrepreneurs, inventors, and investors to engage with one another,” said David Petrou, a Google engineer who presented Google Goggles on the NYTM stage. “Like NYTM, Google is committed to growing and strengthening the New York tech community, so we’re very happy to provide this sponsorship.”

“Because Google is a major presence in the New York tech ecosystem, having their support will help the NY Tech Meetup fulfill its mission to advance and support the city’s technology industry for the long term,” said Andrew Rasiej, chairman of NYTM’s board of directors, in a press release. “Their commitment will support the hundreds of thousands of people, who through their entrepreneurship and engineering skills, are making New York City a leading center for technology innovation in the US and around the world.”

NYTM is up to 18,000 members or so and soon to be making moves, with a new website in the works among other initiatives. The Google money will help fund expansion and keep the ticket price at $10, the release says.

We first met Mr. Petrou back in December at the NYTM afterparty; at the time he said he was only working on Google Goggles but his title now includes “tech lead manager.” He’s a cyclist; we encouraged him to get on the #bikenyc hashtag on Twitter. “I haven’t gotten on Twitter yet,” he said. “Is it easy to use?” We did a double take. Were Google engineers really so out of the loop? “Ha, just kidding,” he said.

The next NYTM event will be September 6, 2011 at the NYU’s Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.

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