Ground Zero ‘Mosque’ Launches 9/10 Fund Drive, Tweaks Name

park51 community center new rendering soma architects1 e1312215790482 Ground Zero Mosque Launches 9/10 Fund Drive, Tweaks Name

If you build it, they will protest. (Park51)

With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on the horizon, things are chugging along at the World Trade Center site in preparation. On Friday, the mayor announced both President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush will be joining him at the ceremony. Two blocks away, two very short blocks, Sharif El-Gamal is rushing to meet his own September deadline.

Mr. El-Gamal, the developer of the Park51 community center that sparked a furor last year because some Floridians and Fox News commentators don’t know downtown geography, is still struggling to raise funds for the project. On Friday night, Park51 launched a fundraiser aimed at raising $7 million over the next month and a half, according to WNYC. The deadline for the funds is Sept. 10, which Mr. El-Gamal called “a motivational deadline,” its proximity to the 10th anniversary merely a coincidence.

Last November, when the project sought $5 million in 9/11 grants, it caused quite a stir, so any fundraising attempts could prove fraught. The geometric project is expected to cost $100 million.

WNYC also reports that the project’s name has been changed to PrayerSpace, but that appears to simply be the name of the 2,000-seat chapel planned for the 15-story community center, first known as Cordoba House and more widely called the “ground zero mosque,” while the overall project is still Park51.

Mr. El-Gamal recently told Huffington Post he hopes new protests will not be sparked this summer by anticipation of 10th anniversary. He gave an impassioned speech to donors Friday, during which he said Park51 is “an opportunity to show the world who we are, and what we believe in, and what our practice is, and what our faith is.”

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  1. Wakeupamerica says:

    just like the majority of  jewish fund raisers tweak their names, people wake the fuck up!!!!!

    1. Gididih says:

      Dude you’re an idiot. Always gotta pick on the Jews yu Arab.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No new churches are being anywhere in America or Europe; so any new Mosque is seen as a threat to Christianity…

  3. Starfire2112 says:

    when i think of mosques, all i see in my mind is peoplejumping out of burning buildings. This proves how little disregard they have for anyone else

    1. Afd says:

      Either you are a  child, a redneck and simply a world class RETARD. GO BACK TO EUROPE where you filth belong.

  4. Onedread007 says:

    I heard it’s going to be called….” Awww, in your face mosque”!! Or, The Fuck America mosque!
    Or my personal favorite…….”Soon to be burnt to the ground mosque”!!!! I can’t believe this has even made it this far…….SOMEONE PLEASE DO “SOMETHING” ABOUT THIS!!! THIS IS AN INSULT TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Scott Gibson says:

    Muslims are peace loving people. Don’t  base your prejudices on terrorist actions. 

    1. NJ Gregg says:

      Peace loving?????? are you in a complete idiot? 95% of the worlds troubles are caused by Muslims…..Syria, Lybia, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan to name a few??

    2. Ned says:

      Yes I see all of the moderate muslims speaking out against the terrorists. Or is it so many moderates give money to their jihad buddies?

    3. Richard says:

      Your a dreamer — Fundamental objective of The Muslims is to convert—And yes,these so-called peace loving people treat their women so well and continue to kill  and maim all they can—Get a hold of a Koran and study it—no peace lovers here.

      1. Will says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m no great supporter of islam, but you Christians are pretty bad with your attempts to convert people too…

    4. Carlo says:

      Boloney. From what i’ve Seen and read through out the years. There crazy killers of woman, children. old people. All in the name of there Koran, Allah and Mhammed.

    5. nana says:

      muslims pretend they are peaceful don’t be fool when they are ready they will show their true colors,

  6. NT says:

    Absolutely disgusting. I’ll spit each time I walk by. Get the HELL out of America.

    1. aeinlczkhcs says:

       You gotta test of your own medicine on 9/11. Your chickens came home to roost on 9/11. So idiots like you need to grow up. Simply stupid like Bush.

      1. nana says:

        this is why we need to rid of all muslims get them out of our country a remark like this is a mouth full so our chickens came to roost on 9/11 you moth!! fuck!! God should burn all of you strike at you as you sleep.

      2. Tedstickles says:

        George bush beat the shit out of you chicken shit muslims….

      3. Will says:

        Are you implying that the innocent civilians working at the WTC or flying in the planes were guilty of war crimes against Islam? Your argument is pathetic, I can discuss the issue with people wanting to argue the merits of the millions of peaceful Muslims throughout the world, but to argue that we had it coming with you would end in me just wanting to kick a hole in you… 

      4. says:

        Can we kick a hole in him regardless? I’m all for righteous violence, and by “righteous,” I mean anything I deem to be righteous.

      5. says:

        You speak good English.

    2. Viqster says:

      Get out of America? In that case, so should you. The only REAL Americans are the Native Americans.  All others are just immigrants. So NT, you get the hell our of America. If you do, so will I.

  7. Sbpoet says:

    There is no moderate Islam. End Park51 NOW!

    1. Afda says:

      Hey retard grow up. Dont be stupid like Bush.

      1. says:

        You DO realize 9/11 was planned during the Clinton admin., yes?

      2. paul g says:

        Stupid camel jockey sand nigger towel head. You and your faith is bullshit and based on lies Mohammed  is a dog and should be shot dead, the koran burned till they are all gone. America should ban islam  and round all of you up like we did the japs during the WW II and gas you all and leave you for dead

      3. yousuf says:

        Paul G..You got lot of hatred going on, you must not be happy. What happen with all the crime that takes place under christiani, such as Timothy Mcveigh, KKK, rapee, and everything you can name? Oh i forgot either you are 12 years old or simply ignorant…

        Few bad does not make 1.7billion of them murderers.. Yea since 9/11 most Mosque has been built, More quran was sold, more ppl converted to Islam..yea we are so bad…Yet we here in America almost put a world on hold with DEBT CRISIS..>GO GET A JOB

      4. Bush says:

        I’m gonna hold a three day pig roast outside any Islamic death cult buildings near Ground zero . come one come all and get your pig on. and spit on the sidewalk. It could be an annual event. that is until Islam blows us up for expressing our freedoms.

    2. Afrea says:

      Hey genuis!
      Are you still in elementary school?…grow up!!!

      1. Bush says:

        drop dead scum

  8. Reality Check69 says:

    Will the imam of this mosque help me establish a church  in saudi arabia???

    1. BillC says:

      What the hell does Saudi Arabia have to do with this? Apples and oranges.

    2. says:

      Jes, I mean si’ or no.

  9. Sepulkaio says:

    I will burn it down when it’s full if it is built.

  10. Reality Check says:

    Being patriotic Americans,  I am sure that the mosque leaders will condemn mouselem terror attacks in America.

    Then again, I also believe in the tooth fairy.

  11. NJ Gregg says:

    Maybe a christian will fly a plane into the mosque during services.

  12. Richard says:

    Don’t give a damn what it’s called—KEEP IT OUT,—I don’t recall any other people other than Muslims who crashed those planes into The Towers , The Pentagon and The field in Pa.It is a slap in the face to America and to those brave firemen and policemen and their families as well as all those who lost loved ones.—The hell with them.

  13. Katt33 says:

    As someone who could see the planes hit from her rooftop and was too close to the whole thing, I just feel it is insensitive and would be a painful reminder.  There are other places I am sure where a mosque could be built near downtown, but to have it near or at Ground Zero, just like Atheists saying take away the Memorial piece that looks like a cross, is just really rubbing salt in the 9/11 wound, especially those of us who had to show ID just to move around and get into their own building.

  14. Reality Check says:

    keep USA

    Stop USArabia

  15. Reality Check says:

    Notice how arabs posting use patriotic names.

    Part of their plan to subvert as is their victory mosque dedicated to pedo moe.

  16. R Kelly says:

    Try being an Atheist,Buddhist,Christian,Hindu or Jew in an Islamic country…..good luck!

  17. Jetro says:

    Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11.. ISRAEL/ZIONIST and the Mossad did. Do some damn research and let these people enjoy their Mosque. And FTR, I am NOT a Muslim, but I’m sick and tired of how this country treats Muslims and let the real terrorist slide under the radar (well, maybe thats because we aid them..but thats another story.)

    1. Reality Check says:

      arab poster jetro is nearly repeating what his boss in damascus told him to say.

      arabs think we are stupid.

      osma admitted to the deed.

      Yet arabs will keep trying to deceive us.

      Send the pagans back.

    2. tarastwo says:

      Muzzie jetro writes that he’s not muzzie.  They all deny it. Called teqiyyah=deception.  Part of the kooooran.

      He wrote “we”.  What you mean “we”?  You are muzzie!!

  18. zara says:

    these people should show some respect for the 9/11 victims and build their moss somewhere else, its a constant reminder of what happened and this moss is sure to have some violent result. Any way religion is a form or brainwashing people to hand over their true power and their true self to the priest/pastor,/pope/ imam, etc

  19. Native says:

    Our glorious holy GREEN FLAG will yet fly from sea to shining sea.

    1. Reality Check says:

      At least arab poster native is open about the mouselem goal.

  20. Hawkdoc says:

    Really, Matt? YOu take a huge swipe at Fox and Floridians and don’t give any background?  This article is more like an advertisin blog than it is news. What garbage….

  21. Reality Check says:

    arab poster jetro is nearly repeating what his boss in damascus told him to say.

    arabs think we are stupid.

    osama admitted to the deed.

    Yet arabs will keep trying to deceive us.

    Send the pagans back.

  22. AndersBreivik says:

    At least the Mayor and the two presents will be close enough to the proposed mosque site to enjoy the fireworks and hear the Arab victory chants.

  23. tarastwo says:

    Muzzie jetro writes that he’s not muzzie.  They all deny it. Called teqiyyah=deception.  Part of the kooooran.

    He wrote “we”.  What you mean “we”?  You are muzzie!!

  24. R Kelly says:

    Not all Muslims are terrorists,but too many terrorists are Muslims.

    1. Iamdatingamarineswife says:

      Not all Christians are Nazis but ALL Nazis are Christians!

    2. nana says:

      all muslims are terrorists they employ children, women to give their life to their so called alah god, they chop peoples heads, they stone women now tell me what the hel! kind of religion is that,  these people need to be sent back to their countries.

  25. nana says:

    no mosque end it, turn your heads to all funds, don’t allow this offensive mosque to be built, we Americans can’t even live in these muslims countries due to their none accepting out side beliefs other than their own religious beliefs. so because our America believes that freedom of worship is equal for all than the interfering mayor, governor and who ever else should also respect the Americans loss by these people and yes they all to blame and build their mosque somewhere else not in our face, look at what the pakis did they hid their master bin laden and lied to us, we will be taken down from with in, this the worst group of people we have let in our country,and they are now all over. EL-Gamal there is no coincidence just intentional

  26. Robin says:

    A mosque by any other name is still a mosque, and just as offensive to the memory of any and all who died at the hands of these murderers. The people have spoken, GET OUT of OUR CITY!!!!  Do not give them a dime unless they make reparations for those they have injured and killed. My husband died as a result of the clean up.

  27. Rglr2 says:

    matt chaban,you are a tool

  28. mjassal says:

    I love how all the racists that are commenting do not know shit about American history.  I am a Sikh but being merciful is part of my religion and my Christian brothers/sisters religion as well.  WWJD?

    1. Will says:

      I’m curious, genuinely curious, what part of American history these people aren’t acknowledging? Surely the earliest settlers did some pretty awful things, but does that justify 9/11?

  29. Chuck a few slaughtered pigs in there – the ground will be ‘tainted’ and thus unusable per their religion.

  30. Joey says:

    that sparked a furor last year because some Floridians and Fox News commentators don’t know downtown geography”

    Uh no , sorry mr writer , it was the airplanes hitting the buildings and killing 3000 people that started this furor !

    1. Will says:

      I’m pretty sure a great deal of New Yorkers, intimately familiar with the geography of lower manhattan, do not feel warm and fuzzy about this either… Something about that gap in the skyline kinda keeps the memory fresh…

  31. freedom says:

    i am happy, everytime i am downtown, its hard to find a place to pray, hopefully this wont be a future problem.

  32. Kdwisdom1953 says:

    Someone kill a pig on the doorsteps of this building or inside the building and the Muslims will not build there. They have a fear of Pigs that is endless.

  33. mikeyyy says:

    How dare this people to built a holyshit Mosque ….oh God please this is not happning,
    How dare to just thinking about building mosque after what they do to USA. tthey should get the hell out of this country. this is my country you follow my rule or get out from USA…..

  34. Richiekarl says:

    I am going to open a pork store next to the mosque. lets see what the 2 faced iman has to say about tolerence then RAT. Musims will use our freedoms to take away freedoms from us.

  35. There are other places to build a mosque,  in good taste it should be elsewhere.
    Let those that died that day Rest In Peace.

  36. Thetenofus says:

    I am prayng for the moment when the building is completed and the very next day some brave individual would blow it up

  37. Will says:

    To set the fund-raising deadline as 9/10/11 is pretty offensive, if Mr El Gamal really wanted to reach out to Americans, I feel like he would be respectful enough not to celebrate and draw attention to himself on the 10-year anniversary of the worst ever terror attack on America (perpetrated by followers of his religion)… I understand that he has a right to do it, but having the right to do something does not make it the right thing to do… I wouldn’t put it past some Christian wing-nut to try to make some statement, it almost seems like Mr El Gamal is inciting that…

  38. Recarozza says:

    all the liberal comments on here are priceless lol!
    spineless rats you cant admit to what is the right thing your so confused and blinded lol dont worry your time is coming…

  39. You people need to get over yourselves, most of you think this country is only for white christian people well sorry but america doesn’t work like that. If you don’t like it too bad because it is happening by the LAW of america and there is nothing that will change that because in america ALL MEN ARE EQUAL!!! Did american muslims blow up the towers NO but yet you condemn them. I don’t care what the koran says, as long as they are americans they have the SAME RIGHTS as whites, blacks, mexicans etc. who are americans so I suggest you GET OVER IT!!!

    1. Will says:

      Having the legal right to do something doesn’t mean you have to do it, out of respect, the fund-raising deadline should not be the day before the 10 year anniversary of the attack (and the “coincidence” excuse is pretty lame…), that’s somewhat inflammatory, wouldn’t you agree?

  40. mohammad arshad says:

    I am not going to give a Penny cause the intention behind this project seems to be pure Business and not to serve Community at large. Its a Big Donation Game….

  41. MikeDi Pierro says:

    mayor bloomberg the muslim lover can go back to allah and all his muslim friends can go with him they all suck the murderers

  42. John197898 says:

     His voice sounds like Dr. Evil

  43. Will says:

    The author of this article is gleefully Tweeting the number of angry comments this article has received… Mr Chaban, do you think baiting people with this type of article is valid journalism? Do you sincerely believe that the only people opposed to this mosque; and its timing, are Fox news reporters and a few Floridians? Happy Ramadan…

  44. Larrylhli says:

    get the fuck out of here – scumbags

  45. jaycee says:

    Put a couple of pigs in that building, let the towelheads round em up. Anything to stop this madness called islam….not needed here, especially the area they want to build on. Get rid of all muslims, send em back to mecca or some other desert area. Good riddence…..

  46. Moses says:



  47. Anonymous says:

    You New York Liberals are slime.  Pure, rotten slime. How dare they build a mosque on a burial site of victims killed in the name of Islam. Would Germany build a German Cultural center at Auschvitz? This is a sly attempt to infiltrate Islamic Extremism into our society.  The Islamists all over the world will feel secret victory, seeing that mosque there. This is blatant appeasement, or maybe it’s just multiculturalism, where all cultures are equal, and no one is better than another.  WEll, I’ll tell you what liberals-American Democracy based on Judeo-CHristian principles of the constitution IS better than Islam.  If you don’t think so, why don’t you send the whole gay pride parade over to Saudi Arabia, and see how they do there? Libtards.

  48. I think if this guy wants to get any where’s with this fund-raiser he need to uninvite the two worst presidents in resent history, people may show up to protest just because those two will be there LOL
    “jokeing” I do think it is strange the fund-raiser is the day before the September 11th anniversary, 9/10/11. Why not June, July or even Aug or a couple weeks after 9/11 why is it that every thing they
    do it is a couple days or on 9/11.

  49. Miss Vinay Duggal says:

    Everyone already put this issue to rest..there are enough mosques in America….deport all the Muslims back to ANY Muslim nation that will have them within the next 2 years and let us live in America without being Jihaded.

  50. Michael Burke says:

    How glib Mr. Chaban is; how clever. Tweet it to your friends. After all, it’s just 9/11; not something that really matters or something that demands an ounce of respect. Or maturity.

    Let’s see; now the Cordoba House/mosque/community center – Park51/community center-not-mosque-except when we need freedom of religion defense is called “PrayerSpace.” Complete with a 2000 seat chapel. So much for the basketball courts and pottery classes. And this is the same group that applied for $5 million in government funds. For a religious center. But somehow the people protesting this are the fools; not its supporters. 

  51. guest says:

    I fail to see how anyone (other than the ACLJ and likeminded groups) are “using 9/11t to raise money”… How much money has the ACLJ raised this “ground zero mosque”?  If anyone loves this thing, its those disingenuous crooks.

    I don’t live in New York and don’t care who builds what where – but I’m going to donate to Park51 because I believe that the people who have turned this stupid building into a money-making, emotionally fueled, hate-filled, racist issue are truly the worst people in America, creating and then capitalizing on fear and hatred.

  52. E9h5mVddt says:

    The very thought of allowing a mosque to be built anywhere near ground zero fills me with the urge to throw-up.  Enough of this politically correct nonsense. The events of 9/11 were a total act of war. War has consequences. The Arab world has forever been the bane of modern Christian culture dating back to the Crusades. As a Catholic I believe that the God-head might indeed be made of a triune. That admission  alone invites excommunication. Where is the support of the resistance of the women in the Arab world? Why should they hide their faces and bodies to suite their male counterparts without sin?  The Arab loves control and fears the strength of a woman. I admire middle-eastern Women to no end,  I abhor all you woman-hating middle-eastern bastards and invite you all to a fist fight! You make me sick!