Happy Trails! Glenn Beck Is Moving to ‘Backwater’ Texas

beckhat Happy Trails! Glenn Beck Is Moving to Backwater Texas

(via mediaite.com)

Now that Glenn Beck is no longer employed by Fox News, he’s free to vacate New York, bastion of liberal values and target of God’s punitive weather systems.

In April, Glenn Beck first announced would he be leaving New York, though it was unclear where he was headed. After an international speaking tour, the Post reports he’s putting down roots in Bosque County, Texas (population 17,204). Mr. Beck will operate GBTV, via Mercury Radio Arts, out of Dallas.

It’s safe to say that Mr. Beck never felt at ease in the New York area. He leaves behind a $3.6 million mansion in New Canaan, CT, with a private lake and a 6-foot fence (2 feet taller than local ordinances allowed) and was rarely without his personal security detail or his sidearm.

In 2009, Texas had more deaths by firearm than New York and Connecticut combined.



  1. Kingfish says:

    The reason Texas had more deaths by firearms that NY and Ct combined was because of all of the illegal aliens in south Texas, the border violence and the rest of the state where illegals go unchecked. The violence that they commit with firearms is what drives the numbers up, otherwise the rate would be LOWER!!

  2. Notasbigafoolasyou says:

    Well, Kat is an amazing example of the ignorance of the modern press in this country.  Guess what , Kat, Texas has a population of 24,782,000 vs. New York State’s 19.5 million and Connecticut’s 3.5 million.   You do the math.  Shockingly, that’s more than the two states combined.  GASP!  Maybe that’s the source of your interesting factoid that Texas had more gun crime than New York and Connecticut.   How about noting that New York state enjoys a higher gun-related homicide rate than Texas, per 100,000 (Both are higher than Connecticut).  The facts are easily found by someone willing to do basic research.  Perhaps you should take some time to investigate before posting your silly thoughts online.

  3. spooky D says:

    Glenn you don’t look at all like a complete jackass in that hat. No, seriously!

  4. Anonymous says:

    May the blessings of God rest on Glenn Beck and his staff.  I miss him on FOX.  However I know he is going to be successful in his new “hom.”

  5. Bosque County YEEHAW says:

    Backwater???  We are in the worst drought in recorded history.  Even still, this is one of the most beautiful areas of our great country.  He won’t need a security detail here.  All he will need is to blend in with all the normal people but if he wants to carry a side arm, he can…

    1. victoria says:

      where the heck  is backwater here in bosque county ?

  6. The Rider says:

    LOL dont you think you’re a Liiitttle hypocritical here

    New York is a bastion of ALL ideologies and viewpoints, NOT JUST Liberal

    cmon dont be a hypocrite – its why most people cant stand you liberals, and its why I stopped voting Democrat

    Glenn Beck is no crazier or worse than Al Sharpton or Bill Maher – in fact those two are a lot loonier if you asked me

  7. Victor E says:

    There is ONLY one good thing about New York,and that is the New York Yankees ,after that you can flush the rest down the toilet. You NYers think who the hell you are and I’ve heard that NO ONE can tell NYers what to do?? You people are like sheeps being herded by your masters and all of your anti american laws. No Guns,No Salt,No Saturated fats,and on and on and on. I used to drive into NYC almost everyday due to my Limo driver job,maybe you dont realize it,but NYC is a disgusting liberal hell hole,and you couldnt pay me enough to live there. You didnt then and do not now deserve an honorable man like Glenn Beck or me.

  8. Dean Coker says:

    I always knew he was a smart man. If you dumped all the horse $hit, cow $hit and pig $hit from the farms in Texas into New York city, no one would notice it because of all the chicken $hits already there.

  9. Lovemyspyder says:

    Kat is that the best you have to do with your time- This is the best you can come up with- Your ignorance really shows!

  10. What you don’t know about the gun deaths is that over 68% of those deaths were property owners utilizing the Castle Doctrine for self defense.  – – Texas Nationalist DOt Com! 

  11. Beck fan says:

    Welcome to my neck of the woods! Very excited to have you here! Hope the Texas hospitality treats you well.. maybe we will run into you at the Coffee Shop with Bush, ha!

  12. El Rey says:

    Nice job of cherry-picking your stats. 2009 just happened to be the year a muslim extremist-terrorist named Nidal Malik Hasan went on a killing spree at Fort Hood. Remember, it was liberal, politically-correct types who allowed him to be promoted and moved to Texas to commit those horrible acts. Your little zinger was as crass as calling New York City the Terrorism Capitol of North America due to  the events of 9/11/2001.

  13. Saritaellis says:

    Welcome, Glenn Beck to beautiful Bosque Co. Texas.  You and yours will never regret your choice.  My county offers more culture, class,art, beautiful views, great down to earth , caring, kind, highly educated population tuck away  in “In the “Heart of Texas”.  “Top of The Hill Country”, than any other county in the great state of Texas. We are not  ignorant, backwater , wackos.  Bosque County is the best kept secret in the great state of  Texas .On behalf  of the Meridian Chamber of Commerce , Bosque Co. Rotary, Meridian Public Library–Welcome!!!!   God Bless my USA and my GREAT STATE , TEXAS!!!!  Texas is “A State Of Mine”


  14. Harold Heard says:

    Texas welcomes Glenn Beck.  Facts are something the observer knows very little about and omits.  Which state created more jobs in the United States, answer, Texas did.  Which state has seen a boom in population, Texas did.  

    However these facts have no value to the casual observer, that is until they need a job.  Enjoy you state, in fact we ask/encourage liberals to stay away from Texas; instead we strongly suggest New York