Hello, 2007! Samantha Ronson Nicked for DUI in L.A.

Easy on the 'tude, SamRo

Back off, cops!

Apart from the deadened, but still oddly persistent, rumors that she’s back with Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson has stayed out of the tabloids as of late. Good for her! She can DJ at the Boom Boom Room in relative serenity, all she wants. She’s pretty good at DJing, too, from our experience.

So much for that! After what appears to be a very late night in Vegas, the Ronson family wildcard sped by a checkpoint in her Porsche going 89 in a 70, got pulled over and got booked. By then it was almost ten, and she was in Baker, California.

She’s facing DUI charges, though they may not be the worst car troubles she’s run into. In 2007, cocaine was found in Ms. Lohan’s car, and Perez Hilton aggressively floated the rumor that it was SamRo’s. Lawsuits ensued! We doubt this debacle will escalate to that, but who knows.

In the meantime, Sam, we recommend sticking around New York. There’s never any need to drive home from the Boom Boom Room.

And here, presented without commentary, is her mug shot.

Hello, 2007! Samantha Ronson Nicked for DUI in L.A.