Holy Whole Foods, Billyburg! BroBo Mecca Coming to Williamsburg Waterfront?

Grafitti or organic greens—take your pic.

Our colleagues over on the Culture page bring word that Williamsburg art space Monster Island is really, finally closing. This is only the latest gallery/venue to be shuttered by gentrification‘s creep across the neighborhood, though this time, the scene may truly be over—it is rumored a Whole Foods is taking over the space near the waterfront.

Williamsburg is already beginning to look more and more like Park Slope, and this would only make the transformation complete. After all, Brownstone Brooklyn is getting a Whole Foods, and they don’t even want it, fearing for the fate of their beloved co-op.

Williamsbug does not trouble itself with such petty problems. The bros in the condos and their flats-wearing fillies will be thrilled. If anything, this news will only trouble Duane Reade and its supremacy as Bedford Avenue’s go-to growler supplier.

mchaban [at] observer.com | @MC_NYC