Addicted to Real Estate, Jennifer Aniston Is Now Officially a New Yorker

Let's make a deal. (Getty)

She’s at it again! Jennifer Aniston is said to be back in the market for a new New York home. A Daily News tipster spotted Ms. Aniston checking out townhouses with her bearded beaux Justin Thoreaux. This is only a few months after Ms. Aniston and her dead dog bought a duplex penthouse in the West Village.

Is Rachel really out for a new home, or is she just working her real estate magic again? After all, Ms. Aniston is one of the best real estate brokers in New York, and just look at the copy that comes with the News story. It’s like getting a listing without having to shell out for Craigslist or StreetEasy:

If Aniston sells the 299 W. 12th St. penthouse with the large terrace, she could turn a profit on the sale after paying a small flip tax. The two properties would make a duplex apartment with over 2,000 square feet of interior space and 1,000 square feet of a wrap-around terrace. With the right layout on the combination, one broker thinks she could get close to $9 million. She paid $7 million.

And you thought Sundance swag was the only free perk for the rich and famous.

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