Jersey Shore Comes to Trenton

Jersey Shore comes to Trenton! 

It has been said that life imitates art. Such was the case a few months ago, when Governor Christie and State President Steve Sweeney differed over the FY 2012 State Budget. 

Unfortunately, the art being imitated was a political version of an episode of the MTV show Jersey Shore.  That is, if you can call that particular show “art.”  If you recall, many of our politicians have protested the show since it first aired, claiming that it misrepresented our great state and behavior of its people.  Ironically, over the 4th of July weekend, two of our highest ranking public officials belied those protests.


In the first scene, we saw Steve “The Situation” Sweeney extolling the virtues of the proposed Democrat budget that received Legislative approval on a pair of party-line votes. He was proud increasing education aid and restoring a bunch of entitlements by restoring a version of the McGreevey/Codey/Corzine Millionaire’s Tax.  He claimed that this time only true millionaires would be paying more, but we’ve heard that story before. Yes, “The Situation” was the “Man.” Everyone would now love him and want him to be Governor.


While “The Situation” was enjoying the limelight, Governor Chris “Ronnie” Christie, was busy one-upping his rival and spoiling his party. Governor “Ronnie” slashed the Budget with the intensity as of a Boardwalk Brawl, eliminating “The Situation’s” pet programs and tax hike.  This set off a testosterone-fueled rumble befitting New Jersey’s tough-guy reputation and reinforcing the opinions outsiders have of New Jersey from watching Jersey Shore.


“The Situation” channeled his inner-union persona and publicly let loose with a tirade that would make an ironworker or a Jersey Shore Guido proud.  As if on steroids, “The Situation” attacked Governor Ronnie,” calling him “a bastard, a bully, a punk and a rotten prick.” He then revealed what he really wanted to do – “punch him in the head.”  Ah, you gotta love Jersey politics! Pure class and decorum.


Not in typical Jersey fashion, however, Governor “Ronnie” hit then ran away to Idaho, leaving his Lieutenant, Kim “Snookie” Guadagno to handle his light work.


In 1985, Governor Tom Kean approved the slogan “New Jersey and You, Perfect Together.”  Generally, each succeeding governor has the opportunity to develop a new slogan.  I think Chris Christie’s should be “New Jersey…What’s it to ya?”

Jersey Shore Comes to Trenton