“Kardashian Klan”: Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Go With Unfortunate Spelling Choice in Press Release

119937187 Kardashian Klan: Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Go With Unfortunate Spelling Choice in Press Release

The sisters.

Last night, The Observer got word of a somewhat troubling press release sent out to alert the masses of the Kardashian Kollection, a collaboration between the sisters and photographer Annie Leibovitz for Sears.

Today, we got a hold of it. It’s bad!

The release refers to the sisters as the “Kardashian klan,” using a spelling of that last word associated with only one thing. And it doesn’t help that their primary initials amount to three consecutive K’s.

But you be the judge! Here’s the release below.

Hi, I hope you are doing well!

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe personally invite you to join them in celebrating the launch of the Kardashian Kollection. Join the stylish Kardashian klan on September 6th at the private studio of the legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz for an exclusive preview of their fabulous new fashion Kollection for Sears.

**  Please note: RSVP to [REDACTED]  no later than Friday, September 2nd as space is limited.



  1. Annoyed Chica! says:

    Think a little bit harder about that Ks…not cute! And please, have the big one stop talking in her baby voice in public. I’m not 3 years old!

    1. GenesisV says:

      Psychologically this is more to do than with a baby voice, and I am sure Mr Odom knows alot about that and has to deal with alot of things himself not knowing where and why it is! <3

    2. here2correctu says:

      why r u talking smack about someones voice? change the channel ….. now your daughter will have that same problem just wait and see… thats what u get for making fun of people

  2. Dmarie459 says:

    big deal

  3. SANDY says:

    why R people so jealous of the kardishian’s ? WHY? GET A LIFE AND QUIT KNOCKING THEM.

  4. GUEST says:

    Why is ev1 so jealous of the kardashian’s ???????????? GET A LIFE, LEAVE THEM ALONE.

    1. GenesisV says:

      Well because they are beautiful for one, money for two, fame for three~~~~shall I go on??  I do envy the family unit they have, I wish that for myself!  <3

    2. here2correctu says:

      look at your life and look at theres lmao.. simple :)

  5. sandy says:

    YOU SAY THEY THE KARDASHIAN ARE BI =RACIAL? the only people that  are not ,are the american indians, i have neices that are armania m so quit knocking people.tyvm

  6. Keithespin says:

    Obviously a slow news day, if this “story” is all there is to write about! Why get offended? Two of them are married to black guys!

    1. Rebel Sound says:

      and the other did a black guy on film.

    2. me says:

      Seriously,  ITs the judgement of others that is the assault here…..not the spelling error itself.

    3. here2correctu says:

      one is married to a black guy one is having a long term relationship with a white guy and the other is also married to a white guy………… dont say an opinion if u dont even have u facts straight 

      1. nudeypants says:

        one is married to a black guy. one is dating a white guy. and kim just married kris humpries who is half black. 

    4. Becca says:

      Oh Please PEOPLE, get a grip.  Don’t be so d**n literal. 

      1. here2correctu says:

        what does  d**n stand for ????

  7. Peanutjelly57053 says:

    This is STUPID!!!! Like really if they were really apart of the damn kkk would have Khloe marry Lamar and would Kim have dated Reggie. Come on this is soooooo fucking stupid

  8. WANDA says:

    Not a good Choice of words BUT the Kardashians are not Racist ,You know this from people they have dated.The Press just needed something to run with as all ways.

  9. Loriyana says:


  10. REALLY? I’m not a huge fan of the Kardashians, but the KKK is a white supremacy group that has traditionally frowned upon interatial marriages. Just one look at the mixed race Kardashians (Armenian/White) they do not fit and would not be accepted into a white supremacy group, nor do their dating and married lives reflect such beliefs.

    Despite this, I do believe that a press release is a professional writing and such errors should be taken seriously. You have to guard the brand and this was a serious error that risks their entire image. The creative ‘K’ spellings and all the alliteration, which is part of the brand, should not be taken beyond events and products of their own making. Real words that are not names of something you created can and should be spelled correctly. This is one of the reasons they are not taken more seriously by the public, because they ignore grammar and end up looking like bubble headed, fame hounds with no sense, when they are actually pretty savvy entrepreneurs.

    1. Raine says:

      Bubble headed or not  they are super rich.  Money talks  bullshit walks.!!!!!  Who really cares about the spelling of one word.   Simple minded people such racists.  The Kardashians Rock.     

      1. Mickey Smith says:

        Usually money talks and bullshit walks. This is the exception. Kim is bullshit and you know it!

    2. K8888YLE says:


  11. Houseofdealsmab says:

    i find nothing wrong with it…only simple minded people would even associate what you are trying to do….the press release was fine

  12. Phiberman says:

    its KRAP in Krisis….Kan’t they spell korrectly?

  13. Julsjewels12 says:

    Quite possibly, it was done to be consistent with the “K”, thing……It certainly is incorrect,but what can you expect from this “Krazy Klan”?……….

  14. Yikes, someone didn’t have their wheaties this morning or yesterday !!!  I mean the word “klan” has a very negative conotation; like this kollection will be doomed from the start. 

  15. I am not simple minded, just a little more into peace!!  Why anger the African-American community and make them remember the hardships of a racist society.  The United States was, after all, the last in the world to release the slaves.  Come on people, if you’re that DUMB, then you get a life.  Hopefully with a little more education. 

  16. Susiqteepie says:

    I think whoever wrote this is just looking for sensationalism and is making a big deal out of nothing.  They are obviously into the “K” thing and meant no harm by it.  Journalists trying to stir the pot, that’s all this is 

  17. Theresaknighthall says:

    Itz…. stupid

  18. Spunkyunclefred says:

    Anyone trying to make a issue of this, NEEDS A LIFE. Why don’t news people go after real stories any more? Poverty, the homeless and a government run amok. Shame on our news industry!!!!!

  19. Vzs33 says:

    I don’t even think they knew it was the wrong spelling.  if thy did shame on them and if they didn’t their publicist probably another hanger oner should get tossed

  20. Lilly says:

    Get over it.  This is the year 2011.  How can you stop the “hate” when you wont let go of the past!  SO THEY HAVE 3 K’S FOR INITIALS.  ONLY THE RACISTS WOULD THINK OF ANYTHING OTHER THAN KARDASHIAN.   THE Kardashians are a big family so now we cant use the word klan.(clan)  meaning the same.  Spelled with a K because their last name starts with a K.  Nothing more.  You news media people are just instagators!!!!!!!!

  21. Catia says:

    So sick of hearing about K’s hopefully now that’s she’s married she might go away! Go away Kim tired of seeing your face and name everywhere.  How easy it is to become a celebrity just make a sex tape or air your dirty laundry on air the dirtier the more celebrity status you obtain…This is America so Proud…NOT!

  22. RealActor says:

    WAY too many sympathetic comments here, but I’ll change that:  They should be ASHAMED and realize that their “cute” little K’s everywhere are VERY hurtful for a segment of society.  K, this, K that, and you know it’s gonna end up KKK eventually, but then to say KLAN?!?!?  Pathetic!  Just like them.  They have no artist merit or talent in anything they do.  And remember, the DAD K defended OJ, Kim made a sex tape.  Wow, what a great family to hold up and make rich and get new generations to look up to.  Sickening.

  23. Say what? says:

    Does their collection include pointy white hats?

  24. Mickey Smith says:

    Kim, Kourtney, and Kloe’s initials put together are KKK. The one thing that they have in common with the original KKK is that they like to screw black people.

  25. Mickey Smith says:

    They aren’t knocking the Kartrashians out of jealousy (how often do you hear oprah getting dissed, for example. Oprah is richer than the kartrashians but Oprah doesn’t really get dissed by people because Oprah is actually talented).  They are knocking the kartrashians because they are representative of the great decline of the USA.