Katie Couric No Fan of Journalists; Kim Cattrall Indulges In Girl Talk

The lunch crowd (Getty Images)

The lunch crowd (Getty Images)

At yesterday’s luncheon in honor of Gloria Steinem, co-hosts Katie Couric and Tina Brown were among the final attendees to arrive, as rolls were being set out. The blondes arrived separately, with a third planned co-host, Ms. Couric’s newfound ABC colleague Barbara Walters, having dropped out at the last minute. A courageous scribe from a Hollywood trade publication strode up to Ms. Couric, and began a conversation. After introducing himself, the madras-clad writer subtly turned on a tape recorder. “I see your recorder–and it scares me!” said Ms. Couric, gesturing at The Observer, ensconced in a corner of the near-uncomfortably-intimate dining room, and his cell phone next. “And you have one too!”

Ms. Couric, we weren’t recording–simply checking Tweets! We love your words of the day!

Meanwhile, Kim Cattrall was discussing what sounded like a frustrating romantic situation with a Condé Nast editor–we didn’t need to be in an elevator to overhear that she was bumming. The gent, it seems, is dragging his feet on visiting her on location. But the mood was light–when we interrupted for a quick interview (coming in this week’s Transom), she laughed. “We’re having too much fun! Girl talk!”

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