L.A.-Bound Aziz Ansari Hits East Village Before Saying Goodbye To All That

Bye-bye, Aziz.

Thus far into 2011, Aziz Ansari has not been shy about imposing his presence on New York City. He stuck by his buddy James Murphy’s side as he closed the curtain on his band, LCD Soundsystem. He chilled with half-naked dudes next to GQ editor Jim Nelson at The Ace Hotel. And we named him the most ubiquitous person at Fashion Week! (He begged to differ, complaining to this Observer reporter at a nightclub, and another at a magazine launch — but the evidence was all there, Aziz).

But don’t expect him on the front row in September. Mr. Ansari has left the city, to shoot new episodes of Parks & Recreation in Los Angeles. Before leaving — literally hours before, apparently — he gave New York magazine a tour of his spots in the East Village.

Where to, Aziz? Well, there’s a new Tacos Morelos cart on Avenue A, at Second. For his last supper Mr. Ansari chose the cecina, though he’s previously endorsed the barbacoa. Surely, they’re both good. Plus, the place is open 24 hours, so when you stumble over from Max Fish at four a.m. it’s not going to matter what you order.

On to cocktails. PDT is always nice, and Mr. Ansari recommends the Irish Maid. He gives no clues as to what this might be apart from saying it’s a “great summer cocktail.” We’re sold.

And then for dessert it’s the pop-up frozen treat stop, NYC Icy. They have a lot of flavors. Mr. Ansari is picky.

“This is pumpkin flavor, not pumpkin-pie flavor,” he complained. “Pumpkin pie has pie crust in it. In it!”

We hope the west coast gelato can meet Mr. Ansari’s high standards.

L.A.-Bound Aziz Ansari Hits East Village Before Saying Goodbye To All That