Live Above the Office in Tribeca

Have a small workforce? Now you can save money on paying office rent by working in the same place you live. And you can bring along your staff; according to this listing, the office area is fully furnished with up to seven work stations. Your employees can even enjoy a catnap on the roof deck of this five-story Tribeca townhouse during those long days at the office. The apartment itself looks like a Manhattan cabin—five floors, with lots of exposed brick, wood beams and wood floors. You’ll feel like you’re down on the farm.

The space comes fully furnished and is available for rent at $35,000 per month. It has two bedrooms, a full-floor chef’s kitchen, a gym, a conservatory and a greenhouse. The atrium is also filled with plants, so there’s plenty of green to balance out all the wood-colored tones.

Photos: Citi Habitats.