Lost Hitchcock Film Discovered in New Zealand

The young Hitchcock, via the LA TImes

A lost silent film featuring the work of a 24-year-old Alfred Hitchcock was found in New Zealand, according to the Guardian. The film is The White Shadow (1923). Hitchcock was the film’s writer, assistant director, editor and production designer. Three reels, the first 30 minutes, were left at New Zealand Film Archive by the family of a film collector and projectionist Jack Murtagh in 1989 following his death. They were left unidentified until now. The remaining reels have not been located.

The head of the New Zealand Film Archive, Frank Stark, told stuff.co.nz, “There were…stories [that] the named director – Graham Cutts – of the film wasn’t the greatest. To a large degree Hitchcock filled in the gaps, even took over you might say.”

David Sterritt, the chairman of the National Society of Film Critics put it more bluntly to the LA Times, calling Cuttsa “hack.”

What remains of The White Shadow will be screened September 22 at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Los Angeles.

Lost Hitchcock Film Discovered in New Zealand