Mayor* Meta: Rachel Figueroa-Levin Responds to Mayor Bloomberg Responding to El Bloombito

Me escuchas, @ElBloombito. (Twitter)

The Observer couldn’t resist. We already have Rachel Figueroa-Levin’s email, she of the brilliant El Bloombito Twitter feed. Since the mayor took the time out of his busy day to remark on her schtick, we thought we’d see what she had to say to him on the subject. Predictably, it was pretty funny.

“I’m tickled that the mayor responded!” she told The Observer, either referring to the YouTube video he posted or the tweet he made @her.

We wondered how she would keep the feed going, since it’s not like every mayoral press conference is broadcast live on T.V. and radio—if you’re lucky, there’s a live stream online. “I get my inspiration for new tweets from and associated twitter feeds,” she said. “Can I just walk into a press conference with a baby? Because I totally would do that.”

Assuming she could, here’s what she would ask the mayor: “Can Mayor Bloomberg introduce me to his Spanish tutor? I would like for my daughter to be fluent in Spanish.”

And of course, El Bloombito himself had to weigh in: “Yo soy muy happydando que el mayorador found mi twitteriento humoroso. He tooko todos Los everything in mucho stride. Que classy!”

That’s only 129 characters, too. She is good.

(*See what we did there? Is it “Mayor” in English, or “Mayor” in Spanish, as in “major?”)

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