Paula Froelich – Author/Freelance Contributor

The original Page Six-stress now long gone for the likes of… Baghdad? It’s true. After retiring her number at the infamous New York Post gossip column, Ms. Froelich has taken her talents to the novel (her thinly-veiled account of life in New York, Mercury In Retrograde, did pretty well: an NYT bestseller) and more than a few freelance gigs of late, including the Observer‘s recent cover on Sarah Jessica Parker and Harvey Weinstein’s fashion fiasco. In fact, one of said recent freelance gigs ended up with her (specifically: her byline) in Playboy. In Iraq. On a tourist trip. If this all sounds like a terrible idea, it was, but it was also terribly funny, as Ms. Froelich often is, even more so now that she’s seemingly more laid back these days not punching the clock for the Gossip Gods. Maybe it’s time for her to settle down? As always, potential suitors will have to make their way past the original man in Paula’s life: Karl Froelich, her dachshund, will come after you. He once bit Mike Ovitz in the balls. True story. Imagine what he’ll do to Paula’s dates.