Arianna Huffington, President and Editor-in-Chief – AOL Huffington Post Media Group

Remember when Arianna Huffington was a conservative pundit? That’s because she has since all but completely eradicated that part of history by becoming one of the most successful female media moguls in history—everyone’s—selling The Huffington Post for $315M to AOL this past February. But the last time Ms. Huffington went to the right was also around the same time she was married to Republican congressman Michael Huffington, who lost his ’94 Senate race, and a year after him and Arianna divorced in ’97, revealed he was a bisexual. And if the mister can switch sides, why the hell can’t she? Arianna Huffington went to the left, to the left, and her career went to the stratosphere with it. Say what you will about The Huffington Post—and people do—but it worked, and Ms. Huffington’s public persona (be it on Late Night With Bill Mahr or out on the town, party hopping among her boldfaced-named friends), at 61, Ms. Huffington remains charmingly witty, ever-relevant, and with that Greek accent intact, ever exotic as she’s always been. [Fact: She did respond to a fact-check for making this list with her official title, above. We’re not allowed to infer that she’s looking, but she didn’t protest making the list. So there’s that, gentlemen. There is that.]