Alyssa Rosenberg, Culture Blogger – ThinkProgress

Yes, we know: another nice Jewish girl Yalie? Absolutely. How many others do you know who can rattle off as many characters from fantasy novels as they can Ludacris guest verses in the same breath? The Washingtonian, The Atlantic, The New Republic, ThinkProgress: Ms. Rosenberg has made the rounds of highbrow, D.C.-based culture publications, with good reason. Among them, she’s funny, quick, and her astute observations about pop culture are usually stunningly on-point. Despite the many times New York publications have tempted her, she has remained—to our loss—in that wretched pit of a town with all the national landmarks in it to the south. Nevertheless, by the New Yorkers familiar with her, she is universally nerdcrushed-upon. It helps that she’s pretty cute, too.