Lauren Bans, Associate Editor – GQ

If you found this year’s GQ comedy issue funnier, weirder, webbier, and bawdier than what one might expect from 4 Times Square (like, say, playing Fuck/Marry/Kill with Larry King, a guide to sexting called Ur 8===D Is GR8, or a fake oral history of Gigli), much of the credit goes to new senior editor Lauren Bans, schooled in the fast-and-loose mold of blogs like This Recording, breeding ground for the Brown alumni media mafia. Before GQ nabbed Ms. Bans from her post as culture writer for the Daily, she was a regular blogger on Slate’s feminist site, XX. Don’t let the antic humor and ruthless takedowns fool you, really she’s just a nice Jewish girl from Mennesoota. For a good time, follow her Twitter.