Carson Griffith, Gossip Reporter – NY Daily News/Gatecrasher

Provided you’re on the right side of it, her charm is irreplaceable. Another graduate of the Rachelle Hruska Finishing School for Aspiring Gadabouts, Carson Griffith now hits up, like, 20 parties a night for the Daily News’ Gatecrasher column. She files her celeb gossip to boss Frank DiGiacomo. How do you know Ms. Griffith is at a party? Oh, you know—she’s not one to make a inconspicuous entrance. In his new novel The Junket, Mike Albo, the Times writer exiled for taking the book’s namesake junket, describes the Carson Grifftih character, “Jayne,” thusly: “very tan and attractive,” talking “loudly with a Schnapps-braised, raspy voice as if she had spent all four years at U.S.C. screaming at parties.” It was actually William & Mary, but apart from that, Mr. Albo’s dead right: stories of Ms. Griffith famously include her setting her hair on fire at 1Oak. Yet, it’s part of her now infamous appeal: Ms. Griffith is as sharp a gossip reporter as they come, always has somewhere fun to be, and will never show you anything but the best of times, while generally keeping her composure all the same, hair ablaze or not, professionalism intact throughout.