Macy Halford, Book Bench Editor – The New Yorker

The New Yorker‘s Book Bench editor might be anti-eReader, but she’s more of a Tumblr blogger than the just-like-the-magazine-only-online reporters who share her office: she recently used the page to write about encountering a “Hipster Lit” bookseller in the Hamptons and compared herself to Emily Gould when recounting a conversation with then-colleague Thessaly LaForce “in our boutique clothes, our accessories jangling like mad.” Of note, her hustle. Besides the fact that she co-founded said Book Bench after four years at the magazine, at the end of her New Yorker bio, it reads: “Prior to The New Yorker, Halford worked as a nanny.” Uh, awesome? She’s currently working on a book for Knopf entitled Devotion about evangelical devotional literature; arm yourself with decent smarts if you’re looking to get the good word past this one, let alone your phone number.