Devorah Rose, Editor-in-Chief – Social Life Magazine

So, uh, let’s see. Devorah Rose is pretty famous. Isn’t this, like, her ninth Styles profile? Wasn’t she on that reality show about socialites? Either way, we emailed her for fact-check, and learned the following things from an assistant:

This weekend she co-hosted a benefit with Russell Simmons at the Social Life Estate for Somaly Mam. Also – she just had a blacktie fete last Thursday that was filmed for Cake Boss. Devorah ordered a very special cake – the cake was adorned with 30 million dollars worth of diamonds and is the most expensive cake ever made. The reason she did this was to celebrate the motto by which she lives her life – “Make The Impossible, Possible.” She also cohosted Martini For Mutts, which raised money for dogs in their 11th hour, who need to find a home. Next up she will be celebrating a cov

Yeah, we’re gonna stop there. Ms. Rose has important cakes and dogs and all that noise. Reality show cameras, sometimes. Obviously powerful, a bachelorette, from what we understand, and if you’re man enough to deal with the harsh light of semi-national stardom, Ms. Rose probably has a waiver for you to sign. She’s also “obviously hot.” Actual quote from judging panelist.