Doree Shafrir, Senior Online Editor – Rolling Stone

Do not sass Ms. Shafrir. The half-Israeli former New York Observer and two-time Gawker writer will have no truck with your nonsense, and dish it right back to you, generally served cold. That isn’t to say she doesn’t know how to cook up a good dish, both of the conversational stripe—ever the Gawker-er, she’s perpetually well-informed as to the goings-on of seemingly all—and of the culinary (her yearly Hanukkah bash yields a “goddamn solid latke.” And she does indeed have a sweet side: the March ode to her dog in the pages of the Times was one of the more memorable tearjerkers in the last year—and the Doree Loyalists in the newsroom swear by her as “disarming” both in regards to looks (“Israeli girls!”) and charisma, or what one even went so far as to describe as “feminine gravitas.” Sounds about right.