Jamie Shupak, Traffic Reporter – NY1

Is there anyone else you could see delivering NY1’s Rail and Road Reports every morning? [Answer: An emphatic no.] It’s reached the point where Jamie Shupak’s work has elicited a sort of cult following—requisite fashion critique Tumblr and all—as Ms. Shupak recites the up-to-the-minute status of every piece of concrete and railway within the five boroughs and beyond like it’s…well, it’s the kind of information no human should be able to rattle off so articulately at such a speed so well, and yet: she does, without coffee, no less. It may explain the Emmy-nomination. In person? The West Villager with the “coolest single girl apartment there ever was” is painfully cute, utterly charming, and in her spare time, a dating columnist for hip hop lifestyle mag Complex, to boot. Resistance is futile.