Jen Doll, Staff Writer – The Village Voice

Jen Doll, Staff Writer - The Village Voice

No list of bachelorettes—no less the media-minded ones—would be remotely legitimate (or at least: as legitimate as these enterprises can be) without the inclusion of Ms. Doll. Formerly of Radar (3.0!) and OK, the Voice‘s Runnin’ Scared blogger has been on a tear with the paper since last May, but it was her controversial cover story as ode to (or pep-talk, or psychotherapy session with) the single women of New York—The Plight of the Single Lady (“Dear Single Women of NYC: It’s Not Them, It’s You.”)—that most recently put her on many a browser bookmark, and it wouldn’t be hyperbole to suggest that the rise of Runnin’ Scared as a metro blog really started with her. Don’t let that adorable mug and syrupy-sweet Alabama-bred kindness fool you, though: Ms. Doll’s ability to endure a wild night out, get up, and start posting away (commonly known around the office as “Dollstruction”) comes second-to-none. If you can, an undeniable catch, this one.

Photo by Elizabeth Griffin.

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