Maura Johnston, Music Editor – The Village Voice

Maura Johnston, Music Editor - The Village Voice

Music obsessives know Maura Johnston, who earned her stripes on indie music message boards, but for the laymen, she’s been pop music criticism’s feminist-in-residence since serving as a founding editor of the once-Gawker Media owned Idolator. A latter-day Ellen Willis, Maura’s since ascended to Village Voice music editor, but not before a stint manning—yeah guys, she can talk baseball better than you—and constantly putting the Voice‘s music section in Idolator’s crosshairs, and yet, when Maura was retired from the site, even the Voice mourned. Now, she steers the ship. Most importantly, know this: Maura’s inclusion was one of the few unanimous votes in compiling this list. Unless you’re one of the artists likely well-deserving of her vicious critical savagings, there are few if any who have a single bad thing to say about the painfully funny, utterly kind, and genuinely awesome Ms. Johnston.

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