Jane Pratt, Founder – xoJane.com

Is this the year of the Jane Pratt comeback? It would seem so, as xoJane.com launched to decent accolades after a drought of Ms. Pratt in the post-Jane and Sassy era lead to a kind of Sassy revivalism. Legitimate question: Did she love that magazine as much as its biggest fangirl boosters? No matter: Ms. Pratt is effortlessly beautiful, still accomplished, and still inspires grown women to have a role model. She also had an affair with Drew Barrymore in the 90s. If you’re, like, a wayward Gavin Rossdale or alternately, Gwen Stefani, you might have a shot. Otherwise, best of luck. Ms. Pratt’s fleeting nature and high demand makes her an obvious pick for this list, for both sexes alike.