Miss Info (AKA Minya Oh), Editor/DJ – MissInfo.tv, Hot 97

If any of these ladies were ranked by utility, surely Miss Info (nee Minya Oh) would rank highly if not on top: a reporter and music journalist (The Source, Rolling Stone, BET) who’s also done editor stints (Vibe, XXL); a radio host (New York City’s world-renowned Hot 97; BBC Radio 1); an author (she wrote a book on hip hop fashion); and now, a power blogger (her hip hop news website associated with Complex: MissInfo.tv). She’s also a Columbia graduate, but if you’re not head over heels with the lovely Ms. Oh (“Info,” for short) at this point—and you see her, up there, above these words, right?—we really can’t help you. The only danger of dating the south side Chicago-native who resides in East Harlem, and is a fixture at any given time and place where anyone in hip hop wishes they could be? If you said “rappers,” you’re a racist. We’re talking about her mom. She’s difficult to impress.