Nicole Lapin, Anchor – CNBC

Daughter of an Israeli beauty queen. Went to Harvard at 15. One of the youngest anchors to ever appear on CNN, CNN Internationale, or CNN Headline News. Anchors the only show on CNBC to broadcast worldwide, among her other on-screen duties at the financial news network. Make no mistake: the Nicole Lapin mythology is very real, which is why she and her boyfriend-at-the-time—New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter—made the front of our Media Power Couples list not a few weeks ago, but the times, they’ve changed, and Ms. Lapin (like Mr. Stelter) is back on the market. Speak well, be smart, be accomplished, shoot the moon, avoid the red meat (not a euphemism: Ms. Lapin’s a vegan) and you may just stand a chance with her, if you can cling onto her rising star without falling off of it, first.