Sadie Stein, Contributing Editor – The Paris Review

Don’t mistake the soft-spoken Sadie Stein for a softie: the former Jezebel writer will “cut a muh.” With her razor-sharp intellect, that is. Ms. Stein is universally loved, quirks—like the time she lugged a doll replete with matching dress along with her to fashion week and became a micro-sensation there—and all. In May, the inevitable came to fruition, as Ms. Stein joined the staff of the Paris Review, likely the first and only transition from a Gawker Media property like it. “Well-dressed,” “really cute,” “remarkably smart,” and that’s just from a poll of the women we spoke with. Gentlemen, Sadie Stein could be your Literature MFA dream girl, just without the $50K in tuition: unlike her Paris Review co-worker Thessaly La Force, Ms. Stein will not be shipping off to the Iowa Writers Workshop any time soon. Try not to test your luck: move fast.