Sarah Kunst – Events Coordinator, Abrams Media

Sarah Kunst - Events Coordinator, Abrams Media

Her Twitter proclaims that you “probably met her at a party” and unless you live under a rock or outside of Manhattan, you probably did. The former Guest of a Guest-er moves culture circle to culture circle seamlessly, though when she jumped the fence over to the Dan Abrams’ Magic Kingdom of TV recaps and screen-steals and fights with Forbes bloggers, some of us didn’t take it well. What does she do there? Throws parties, of course! To be fair, Sarah’s days as a blogger often betray her current gig: she might be the one hosting these fetes, but she’s very often the most fun person to talk to in the room, too. The know-it-all—really, one of those people in a room who knows everything that’s happening with everyone at a given moment— is a knockout, too, you may have noticed. It doesn’t escape her many (attempted) suitors, either.

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